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Razor Shark how to play

Playing with a shark is quite dangerous, but such a risk will bring you additional rewards. To earn the maximum payout, which has a multiplier of x85000 of the beta size you have to be considerably lucky to keep fighting dangerous waters. In addition, your interest can be piqued by a variety of features and small winnings to keep your interest in the game.

The gameplay of Razor Shark is that the user is underwater. He travels through a real lagoon, with its inhabitants swimming in the background. They are also present on the reels, regardless of the fact that predators are trying to break them. Graphics pretty nice, the slot has a large number of animations. Do not forget that there is a nice sound design, but because of your location under the thickness of the waves you will be difficult to hear what is happening around you.

Razor Shark how to play

Due to the fact that the 5x4 reel has 20 paylines, this differs from typical applications, in which there are usually no more than three. Nevertheless, this is not uncommon, as in many online casino slots from developer Push Gaming, such as Blaze of Ra, and other sharks you will find in Mega Shark by Amatic or Shaaark! by NextGen Gaming. Still, you'll find plenty of reasons to pay attention to the slot. It behaves well on any device, and the interface can adapt even for mobile devices. In the game you'll notice the presence of winnings when you use a lot of options, which will increase your interest in the game.

Razor Shark basic rules

You will be happy to see the excellent three-dimensional graphics and a variety of animation. Even the image in the background is animated, the background is moving water in which the fish are swimming and swaying plants. When knocking out an element to win a green frame appears around it and it becomes animated. Among the signs you can see not only sharks, but also underwater mines, as well as various elements of diver's equipment (mask, flippers, etc.). As a result, you will definitely be impressed by the beautiful background, which you can really admire. The idea with the sea is implemented in graphic style in Razor Shark.

The slot machine offers 5 reels, forming 20 fixed lines. It is possible to set a bet from $0.1 to $20 in the casino. Formed winning combination should have from 3 to 5 identical pictures from the left to the right. Regarding RTP - the developer has made it much higher than average, this figure is equal to 96.7% according to the developer. About volatility we can say the following - wins will be big, but not so frequent. Each player can get a chance to earn up to x85000 for 1 spin - the winning in such amount, of course, strikes the imagination.

The game process

Talking about Razor Shark slot, you should take into account all the points. At first it is worth considering that this is a fairly standard emulator with 4x5 reels, so you will see four lines of five symbols at the end of each. There is no concept of choosing an active line or changing bets, which makes them much more functional. Just set the bet and click on start. Thanks to the virtual reels that have started spinning, you get money when you pay out, having the chance to go into bonus mode. You can get the most of it when you collect five symbols on the lines, but even if they fall only three, the winnings will still be yours.

It also happens when the institution staff decide to set their own range of the minimum and maximum bet, resulting in a bet ranging from $ 0.10 to $ 50 per spin. Like other gaming emulators known company Push Gaming, Razor Shark has a modern feature autoplay. You can set the maximum number of spins (10 to 100), which will rotate automatically. In addition, you can set a limit to win or lose to stop scrolling if the maximum limit of spins in your session will be reached.

For example, you have decided to bet about $0.2 at the casino on scrolling. In this case you can always reach the loss limit of x100, then no matter how many scrolls were made, immediately after losing $20 the automatic scrolling function will be stopped. The same applies to ten spins at a time. These features are combined to set up an automatic replay session with an acceptable level of risk. Overall, there is nothing complicated about Razor Shark slot, you will definitely find it suitable!

Winning lines

Bright 3D graphics and beautiful animation - all this in detail characterizes the visual design of the machine. Its background depicts the ocean floor, on which the fish swim, there is also algae and dangerous sharks. All elements of the victory are highlighted by a green frame and animated. In addition to the prize icons, you can notice the icons of predators, diver's equipment and mines. For the gameplay you will hear a dynamic instrumental melody.

Symbols and Payouts

Razor Shark slot has 11 casino symbols that can be spotted on the reels from time to time. All of them have received their original image, different chances of falling out and multipliers bets. In addition, all the pictures that are on the slot are conditionally divided into the following categories:

  • With small multipliers. In this category there are various symbols with items that are on the sea floor. The combination of these tokens will bring a small multiplier up to x25. Therefore they fall out quite often, so players can keep track of the deposit level until the bonus options are activated.
  • With large multipliers. In this group there are four symbols with sharks on them. Here multiplier is already bigger, and they give from x4 to x250 by multiplier.
  • With bonus options. Here you will find only 2 pictures - Wild symbol bloodthirsty shark, which replaces other images to create a winning combination (from x25 to x500) and the sea mine, which activates the bonus. During it appears a rare gold-colored shark!

Razor Shark symbols and payouts

For detailed information you should click on the "i" in Razor Shark itself, then a special section called "Payout Table" will open. In order to understand the probability of falling out just spin the reels a few hundred times, for this you can use the test version of the game, which can be run by clicking on Demo.

Bonus features of the slot Razor Shark

Most of the special bonuses encountered while playing Razor Shark are combos of standard boosters, big multipliers and free spins. You'll notice this in combination with medium variance and viewing the winning paytable. If you want to activate the bonus round, it doesn't mean you'll find excitement in the standard round. All rounds can go to activate mystery stacks by playing Razor Shark. Absolutely randomly placed stacks, each with four random tokens that activate Nudge & Reveal.

When mystery stacks appear, they move to a certain place, covering the whole reel. After that new sets of pictures are opened, which greatly increases the chances to get combinations. Mystery symbols can trigger golden sharks, which are active only during the bonus. Together with the free spins they are the main bonus of the slot machine. Golden sharks are the activators of this feature. After that, sharks appear on all positions, causing them to rotate, showing the scatter icon or multiplier Bets.

The multipliers of the slot bet are in the scatter range from 1 to 2500 at your bet, which makes the payouts really become huge if you're lucky. Scatter is used to trigger freespins when three of them are collected. Any number above that adds one freespin to the intermediate amount. This feature is triggered when a Scatter or gold shark appears. At the start of Bonus 2 and 4, the reel is filled with mystery stacks, and multipliers are applied to all wins, increasing by one each time the nudge and reveal feature is triggered. Freespins continue as long as the legendary icons are present on the reel. In addition, there is an option to activate the Razor Reveal feature that assigns a betting multiplier.

Mystery Stacks

Whenever you want, a stack of four mystic logos can be formed, thanks to which the Razor Reveal feature is used. The option works according to a simple principle - the icons will shift by 1 position, going away by one position each time they are reinserted. Then they will turn into the same values, and the process looks delightful thanks to nice animations.

Razor Reveal

Will be triggered when the Golden Shark game symbol appears on the screen. Then all pictures from the legendary rows are replaced by coins with multipliers or scatter symbols. However the multiplier during the process will accrue for all winning lines.

Free spins

The function is triggered when three or more Sea Mines on any position are hit. Then the second and fourth reel is filled with a mystical row, and all the money received from the combination will accrue additional multipliers, increasing with each activation of the "Shift and Opening". The bonus ends when the mystical rows disappear from the screen.

How to start the game

The user will dive to the bottom of the ocean to explore its dark side. There he may notice large predators, which are frightening by their mere presence. The casino gambler must become a real explorer in the Mediterranean Sea. This is not so easy, any mistake you make can lead to losing money! If you want to earn good money you should definitely pay attention to the slot Razor Shark, created by the provider of Push Gaming. Thanks to this development you will get more than x85000 from your bet, if it is a maximum of 20$. The machine has the ability to activate mystical stacks, re-spins, free spins and random payouts up to x2500. On this page you can activate the training version of Razor Shark, in connection with which you can play for free and without having to register on the site to understand all the details and options.

Developer Push Gaming appeared in Britain, starting to create gaming emulators back in 2010. This company develops games for mobile devices of the premium segment. Their main direction is to create devices that used to be created using Flash technology, but now they use HTML5. All products are licensed by the Gambling Commission from the UK and Alderney. Video slot machines from Push Gaming are in the range of most of the best casinos, and they are licensed by eCOGRA.

Razor Shark How to win - game tactics

Manufacturer Push Gaming has decided to make the slot Razor Shark as popular as possible and successful in technical terms. On it you can perfectly wagering any bonuses. A huge advantage of it is also the fact that the size of the bet will not increase or decrease the likelihood of winning or falling out bonuses. There is an option to activate the turbo mode in the settings, which will greatly increase the chance of getting a big win and a bonus. Automatic scrolls can easily be adjusted in Razor Shark this way:

  • You can set the number of spins from 10 to 100;
  • There is a series of failures, ranging from x5 to 100;
  • There is a stop on victory, starting from x10 to 100.

Experienced gamblers recommend carefully setting up the slot. This will let you understand its secrets and analyze all the useful information. It is quite important to apply 100 scrolls, which will demonstrate their advantage not only when playing for real money, but also in demo mode.

Huge winning potential is the main reason why Razor Shark does not plan to lose its popularity among users. Do not underestimate the high quality design either, because the idea of the underwater world is implemented quite qualitatively. This, combined with the beautiful animation will cause only rapturous emotions. To complement the gaming atmosphere of the sea theme uses a pleasant soundtrack. This machine is made for you if you like to hunt for great prizes, dive underwater and make bets, watching how the sea predators live!

Slot secrets Razor Shark

Razor Shark How to win - game tactics

Not all fans of machines intuitively understand the management of the slot. As a result, you should not forget about the important points that are related to the gameplay of the machine:

  • The unique Scatter is represented by the image of a sea mine. For the bonus to activate it is necessary the appearance of three mines on the screen. When the bonus entertainment appears, you will notice the mystical stacks, which will gradually shift during each freespin, then simply disappear.
  • The mysterious stacks are called Nudge and Reveal Re-spins. You will see them even in the standard game. They can turn into the same symbols for winning or the orange shark, which is referred to the expensive pictures.
  • To get a large-scale win you will need when the Golden shark appears on the screen. When the sea predator appears, the razor-sharp detection will soon be activated. After flipping the image you will see the final winnings, which can reach up to x2500 of your bet.

Helpful hints

The machine offers a high RTP of 96.7%, which is quite a nice result, especially if we do not forget about the average volatility of the machine from the company Push Gaming. Winning will be provided by the appearance of the same pictures in the number of three or more. Nevertheless, the biggest prize can be obtained only by participating in special rounds. Navigation of the emulator is pretty simple, the more that Push Gaming has fully localized it into Russian. To learn about the rules of the slot, you need to select the square button on the left side of the screen, then the question mark. There will also be information on technical characteristics and a description of special game modes.

The main panel contains information with the inscription Balance. Below it you can see the balance of funds for the game. In the center is the total bet value. There you can notice the total amount for the spin, and with the help of a small arrow you can increase the bet amount. Thanks to the arrow on the super cover on the right side of the panel you can adjust and then run and autoplay. The large oval button with two arrows is the spin. Overview of the online casino can be seen first to consider all the features of the reviews. In order to leave a comment you need to enter your email, this is available to all.