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Razor Shark reviews

Talking about Razor Shark slot, you should be thoughtful in your analysis. Starting from the fact that this is a standard slot machine with 4x5 reels, then you can notice four lines with sets of symbols in the amount of five pieces at the end of each of them. There is no choice of active line or change bets, which would make the lines more functional. Simply set the bet amount and press start. The reels will start spinning, and if you win, you'll earn a payout with a move to the bonus. You can get the biggest jackpot if you collect five symbols on a line, but even with only three you will still earn a win.

In some cases, employees of the institution set a certain level for the rate itself, but nevertheless you should know that the standard it is equal to $ 0.10 for the minimum rotation and $ 20 for the maximum. Like the rest of the gaming machines developer push gaming, Razor Shark has a fantastic auto play feature. You personally set the maximum number of spins (from 10 to 100 or more), which are performed automatically. It is also worth remembering that you can make a limit for winning so that the scrolling can stop in case you reach the maximum limit of spins in each individual session.

Razor Shark reviews


Piter, 29 years old / 02.11.2022 / star icon5
I believe that this casino slot is a fun exciting game that will appeal to most players. Interesting game mechanics, exciting graphics, great potential to win the jackpot with a multiplier of x85000 - isn't that enough? Remember to always spend your entire bankroll wisely and not throw it away in the first few hours of play.
Boris, 27 years old. / 05.03.2023 / star icon5
Razor Shark is a prime example of what a colorful and enjoyable slot machine should look like and takes you deep into the ocean to try and earn a winning combination of icons. The action will unfold underwater, you will see a lot of scary sharks, and all of them have terrible teeth.
Alexei, 31 years old. / 06.12.2022 / star icon5
There aren't any key features in this machine, it's just a standard good machine that can provide potential ways to make money with every potential spin. This adds elements of excitement and unpredictability as well as many new bonuses, so players never know for sure which way they will come up with the winnings this time.
Anna, 41 years old. / 08.01.2023 / star icon5
Each casino slot icon and symbol has an underwater theme - it can be sharks or scuba diver's gear. All of them will surprise you with their unique coloring and design. Joker and scatter can activate additional features to help you win combinations. Free bonuses are given to all customers after they register on the site.
Sebastian, 35 / 08.12.2022 / star icon5
Overall, I really enjoyed the Razor Shark slot, it's a game that you are sure to love. The theme is interesting, you act as an experienced scuba diver who tries to explore the world underwater, escaping from bloodthirsty sharks. Learn tactics/strategies, stick to smart tactics, you will definitely succeed! Get freespins on your deposit. Sometimes it's worth watching a review, it's even better than watching a demo.
Casey, 40. / 09.02.2023 / star icon5
To enter a casino promo code and get free spins for games and bonuses customers can use a special department located in their account. A lot of reviews are good, because the company push gaming has created a great video slot. The bonuses are not bad, but there is nothing extraordinary here. Feedback from technical support is fast, and recommend all the best.
Michael, 36. / 10.11.2022 / star icon5
I really like this casino slot visually. Despite the fact that I personally really like the live slots with a real dealer, this slot for me went very well. The winnings are very enjoyable, and the big money like this gives a great payoff. To deposit, use different variations of payment systems, which is necessary for our casino. New slots and bonuses can even be run from a special program. You can play without any problems, it will not take much of your time.
Stanislav, 24 years old. / 11.02.2023 / star icon5
New slots and bonuses are waiting for you, so if you want to go right now to start betting you can earn your first prize without getting blocked. If you like taking risks, being interested in slots and getting various bonuses, just make a deposit into your account, and then take your gift, it might be gone!
Valeriya, 25 / 11.10.2022 / star icon5
You can authorize in casino through your browser, as well as with the activation of your profile. To get the most out of the slot you should find a suitable strategy, using it to the maximum. I would like to mention quick replies from the technical support, and in order to get a promo code just write to them, and in case they have an extra one, they will share it with you. The field is standard, 4x5, so you will not notice anything out of the ordinary.
Maria, 28 years old / 12.01.2023 / star icon5
To enter the promo on the gaming portal and earn bonuses, gamblers take a special section in a private office. Some casino reviews differ from other institutions, here most of the positive. You can chat with the technical support staff without problems, they immediately answer without any problems. If you need a break from the mundane weekdays, you've come to the right place!
Igor, 24 years old. / 13.01.2023 / star icon5
Experience playing at online casinos I already ogogo, and all this time I mostly played poker or roulette. But still all the same sometimes want to relax and play the slot, where here's vasche thought is not necessary and calculate ahead. I used different slots, but I liked Razor Shark the most. He even used in many institutions to wagering bonus wagering. Great graphics and sound at the level that gives you kayfovo spend time.
Alice, 24 years old. / 13.12.2022 / star icon5
I usually come here in my spare time from work, sometimes you know, I want to relax an hour or two. Here I spin a bonus, here can also jackpot kind of roll, and it can be a few years without work) It's sure to raise your spirits, when such dividends fly to the account. And all this with a maximum bet of $20. I bet no matter what, I like everything here, the atmosphere and management is super.
Dmitry, 28 years old. / 15.03.2023 / star icon5
Razor Shark is an interesting slot game, which has become widely known to the gambling audience due to the high potential chance of winning. This game was developed by Push Gaming, and she made it nice and beautiful in appearance. I'm happy with everything here, especially since the winning percentages here are great.
Rudolph, 25 years old. / 16.11.2022 / star icon5
In this casino Razor Shark you will not appear in a colorful world but in an underwater kingdom where you will get winning combinations while rotating the machine. The game features high quality graphics and an interesting theme centered around the underwater hunt for formidable predators in the ocean. If you want the chance to make a lot of money - you've come to the right place to make a wild freespin.
Vladislav, 26 years old. / 17.11.2022 / star icon5
A key feature of the slot is the huge jackpot, which reaches a maximum of x85455 of your bet. This is a huge figure that can be achieved by dialing in different positions of the symbols on the reels, changing with each spin. This adds an element of surprise and randomness, as you can't know exactly how many ways to make money on each individual spin.
Anna-Maria, 35 years old. / 20.02.2023 / star icon5
I registered on Wawada a long time ago, managed to get my acquaintances hooked on gambling machines. Not so long ago started playing Razor Shark. I've been playing different machines for a long time, but it was the first time I've come across it. Nevertheless, heard a lot, as it was usually used for wagering waggers. Cool atmosphere, a variety of sharks that are just trying to sink you).
Georg, 42. / 20.12.2022 / star icon5
I like the theme of the slot, the scuba diver's gear is cheaper, but the same sharks already bring well, even if only three in a row to collect. And cool that the gloomy design, which is consistent with the stylistics. If you're lucky - you'll be in the black, I guarantee it. But it would be better if you first played enough in the demo version to understand all the subtleties, and then started playing for money.
Marcus, 37 / 21.10.2022 / star icon5
Slot, of course, also conditionally cartoon, but this is not you dogs and cats clutching, there are severe - the depths of the ocean, sharks, etc. Decent music, great characteristics of the machine itself and the winnings are cool. If you do not share my opinion - try to play yourself, and then make conclusions. I think you'll be surprised, and if not, you at least try)
Vladimir, 33 years old. / 22.01.2023 / star icon5
Regardless, I usually play a lot of poker or betting, but Razor Shark was quite a hit with me. If you have a good start, and you get into the bonus game quickly, you'll win big time. My biggest win was around 73 grand. I think if you go into Razor Shark from push gaming more often, trying your tactics and strategies. You'll end up winning as steadily and more often as possible, which is a nice result.
Victor, 27 years old. / 24.11.2022 / star icon5
At first I don't understand how to play here, but when I learned the demo machine, probably a week or so I played and checked different tactics, both martingale and umbrella, eventually I started to win little by little. This will save you money on meaningless bets, and after that you can get the lucky win bonus and win real money.
Deni, 31. / 26.02.2023 / star icon5
On the main page of the site you can see all the latest news online from the provider. The main thing is to choose a highly rated casino or at least one with a license from Curacao. So you protect yourself from scammers and cheaters, because it would be a shame to run into them. At any time you can watch the review, so you'll understand where you can write to tech support for support and assistance.
Philip, 33 years old. / 28.12.2022 / star icon5
Rtp casino is pretty high, you can even read the comments, they usually play from the mobile version, it's a popular way. The volatility is good and if you meet the golden sharks - you are in good luck)))) My estimate - 5/5, there's nothing to add. If there are similar slots - advise the casino, I'd love to try it, because it's straight class.
Sonya, 39 years old. / 29.11.2022 / star icon5
The more lines you include, the higher this feature gives you a higher percentage for the bonus. The biggest multiplier is x85000, you can get it here with very little probability. Playing cards do not work here, there is no risk game. Payment can be received on your casino account, depending on what the symbols will fall out.
Leonid, 29 / 30.10.2022 / star icon5
Here is just unreal game potential, you can sing an ode to your excitement and raise money just fine so. First, get maximum bonuses, and then use them wisely. Simple registration (there is even an option with an account from known social networks), and fast authorization. Replenishment and withdrawal can be done in a variety of ways offered by the institution. From me personally - a huge respect, I've been looking for such a place for a long time.